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Truckdriver and Audible Books

Back in 2012 when my first book came out, a truck-driver came over to my table and asked if I had audible books. I told him I didn’t. He let me know he really wanted to read my book, but he’s a truck-driver, and he listens to audible books. I looked into audible books. Paying a producer was so far over my spending limit that I stopped looking. Not long ago I found ACX, a publisher of audible books where they hook up writers with producers. ACX offers a variety of ways authors can pay producers, and one of the ways is shared royalty. I realized that someone at my level of budget could actually have audible books. I put my books on their site and as soon as I put up my novellas, I received a request from a producer. He listened when I asked if he could make a little change on his audition tape (five minutes of reading my book); he listened; the re-do was perfect. The first novella audible book (see below) is about to come out. I’m so excited! And it has cost me nothing so far, except $30 to get the cover from my novella squared by the designer. When I listened to my novella read from end to end it was an experience that is different from anything else I’ve experienced in the writing world. It parallels the feel of a newly published book finally in your hand. If you’re interested in audible books, it’s affordable today. The producer is working on the second novella right now. (My novels may be too long for shared royalty, but I’ll keep trying.)

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