Books By Bonnye

Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

Available at most online stores. Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska won Silver for middle grade fiction in the 2023 Nautilus Book Award international competition. The contest searches for books as seeds […]

Award – Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

This is an exciting time. My publisher saw to it that Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska was competed in multiple. Already it has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Royal […]

Sanctuary Alive: My Long Walk with God

Sanctuary Alive: My Long Walk with God is a positive apologia, a book showing that a choice of spiritual disobedience worked for the positive in the life of Bonnye Matthews. […]

Off to a good start

Off to a good start. I have a Story Monster approved book! The Royal Dragonfly Book Award gave Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska Honorable Mention for Middle Grade Fiction for 2022. […]

Arctic Dinosaurs Broadens its Reach

Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska slowly broadens its reach. The search in the Arctic goes on. A real species specific T-rex dinosaur footprint has been found and now this:

Prehistoric Fiction

Because I write prehistoric fiction or my works fall into the science writing genre, I get from time to time not just comments but sometimes direct attacks from people. These […]

Beauty of Compassion

In life I’ve not spent a lot of time considering what others do. I’ve known what I’m supposed to do based on spiritual values from early childhood. I’ve tried to […]

Science Writing, my Genre to this Point

Science writing? Shouldn’t that be scientific writing? No. There is a difference. Scientific writing has been around for eons. It’s how scientists communicate among themselves, usually in peer reviewed journals. […]