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So many social media book ads are look-alikes.

So many social media book ads are look-alikes. What can you do to make yours different?

I’m trying out some new approaches. The first was finding opportunity in a social media friend’s comment on a post. In this post, the image was this image of a troodon at the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature. The social media friend noticed there appeared to be a cell phone in the dinosaur’s hand.

What an opportunity. I used the image and added these words to the post intro: Troodon has his phone in hand and has just sent this message: “The launch of the book Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska is scheduled for August 20, 2022 at the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature. The time is yet to be determined. In Anchorage then? Please, mark your calendar if you know any middle-graders who want a summer dinosaur reading delight. A tour of the museum and a new book could be a treat. Middle-graders can even color gently the illustrations in their own books. Parents, teachers, librarians, or just people who love animals also might enjoy this very different fiction as a change of pace. The books make great gifts.”

Then, there is great opportunity to have different ads with green screen and dvds. Here’s an example:

Velociraptor wants to buy Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

The caption for this DVD on social media will provide the venue and address, date, and time.

DVD with brown velociraptor who can’t fit into the venue

Caption will have something to do with “delivery service” question while providing the launch venue, address, date, time.

And finally, the impatient dinosaur ad where the two dinosaurs discuss the wait for the book. Post will provide launch data.

The DVDs are different, eye catching, funny, memorable, connect to book in quirky manner. Just a thought, but definitely different from the routine social media book ad.

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