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Logo and Slogan Production

Do you have a logo and slogan? I saw no need for them until I began to learn how to participate in zooming. I have no interest in having anyone view my home, so I felt the need for a background. I wanted my background to add to my brand. My background for zoom is shown here. Click on it to enlarge. I’ll also have other images to alternate (primarily images of Alaska), but this is my “go to”  work-related background. First, I had to identify the logo, and then I added the slogan. I shared with my publisher who made the grid. I am awaiting my physical background of this design.

My logo is the wavy lines and the slogan says BEYOND BEYOND FOR JOY. I like it well enough to have purchased the copyright for this design. Going BEYOND in work, product, life–all these things can add to your happiness. Going BEYOND BEYOND can lead to real sustained joy. I didn’t just dream that up. In the Bible’s book of Ecclesiastes, the source of joy is identified as work. For those of you who are Christian, I share my wonder here over how interesting I find it that one of the punishments of eating that apple turned out to be a source of joy. Such is, I know, the way of the spiritual world.

I am a true workaholic. That’s because I tend to go beyond beyond every chance I get. I spend a lot of my life in the spiritual world and in the work world–not at the same time. I found that source of joy in my youth. In my work, my going beyond beyond often has lifted me up into a spotlight where I’d rather not be. I prefer being the background. It has occurred in every work I ever had. In retirement it has occurred even in my writing. I’ll likely never become accustomed to it, but experiencing joy is worth the discomfort being in the spotlight brings.

With the use of zoom to such an extent in today’s world, I encourage authors (1) to develop a logo and slogan, (2) make backgrounds, unless you’re happy to have your homes or workplaces as your backgrounds, and (3) use them to extend your brand to others. I thought my background above would be too dark, but when I tried it out the first time, it worked exceptionally well. I’m certain I’ll find other uses for it. Meanwhile,  I’m buoyed daily with joy from my work with Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska and little projects such as the zoom background and physical background banner. There’s always something. The special aspect of this specific background, logo, and slogan is that it is applicable regardless of which genre I currently write. How convenient!

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