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Zamimolo’s Story, 50,000 BC


By the time the People reach 50,000 BC their numbers have increased sufficiently to divide up into one group leaving for a new land while the other part remains behind. There is travel from one location to the other and has been for a long time, so the idea of complete severance with the total group is not a factor. Once the People arrive, however, a young woman is abducted. She and Zamimolo were going to join once they were established in the new land. The story is Zamimolo’s quest to find and rescue Olomaru-mia. Woven into the story are other people from strange places and an array of unusual fauna from the time.


May 7, 2015  This is the explanation of the Awards for Zamimolo’s Story, 50,000 BC and Tuksook’s Story, 35,000 BC both submitted for the 2015 competition:

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