Sunday, January 17, 2021

Synopsis: After years of abuse from his father Wing leaves the only home he's ever known to find, as the male lion he sees leave its pride, a new home or die. At age 16, frail, injured, and alone in the mountainous untamed and untouched wilderness of Mexico of 250,000 BC, Wing struggles to survive, proving himself against a bear, where he learns elementary freedom.

Critique: An inherently fascinating and unfailingly entertaining novella that demonstrates author Bonnye Matthews as having a genuine flair for deftly crafting a truly riveting read from beginning to end, "Freedom, 250,000 BC", although a work of fiction, is based upon years of painstaking iconoclastic research on the origins and history of homo sapiens in general, and the arrival of humans in the America's in particular. While very highly recommended, for readers to whom this is their first introduction to the writings of Bonnye Matthews, it should be noted that she is the author of five novels comprising her "Winds of Change" series on the theme of the 'peopling of the Americas' and include: "Ki'ti's Story: 75,000 BC" (9781594333125, $19.95 PB, $10.49 Kindle); "Manak-na's Story: 75,000 BC" (9781594333736, $19.95 PB, $8.79 Kindle); "Zamimolo's Story: 50,000 BC" (9781594334566, $19.95 PB, $10.49 Kindle); "Tuksook's Story: 35000 BC" (9781594335211, $19.95 PB, $9.49 Kindle); "The SealEater's Story: 20,000 BC" (9781594336003, $19.95 PB, $9.49 Kindle).

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