Sunday, January 17, 2021

Bonnye gave our local writer’s guild a presentation on prehistoric mankind and their migration to the new worlds.

Her research of over five years is extensive and referenced in the back of each of her five books, Winds of Change and the fictional characters therein.

Her research cited other researched evidence of man’s habitation in North America much earlier than we have been led to believe.  Archaeologists have found evidence of earlier presence dating back to 14,000---65,000 in New Mexico and one site in Southern Mexico dating 200,000---245,000 years ago.

Bonnye is convinced these earlier people where much smarter than they have been giving credit for and were able to build boats, navigate back and forth across oceans and settled in North and South America much earlier than originally thought. 

Based on her presentation to our group I ended up buying all five of the books and her two DVD’s. After Bonney’s presentation I stopped and bought a carton of coffee ice cream to read a new release of Tom Clancy’s book. 

Couldn’t wait to get home to enjoy the ice cream and Clancy’s new book. After I settled in I thought I would read a few pages to see what this first book Ki’ti’s Story was about. 

I should have known better. Well I’ll  just peek at this second story and see what it is like before starting Tom Clancy’s novel, I couldn’t wait.  Well you know how that went. Wish there was more. 

Such an enjoyment, having finished the Winds of Change now, I can settle in and read Tom Clancy’s book. But alas, I am out of Coffee ice cream.

Garry Chandler