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Preparation in order

The National Authors in Grocery Stores opportunity has a lot of specific requirements but offers great sales opportunities. I’m taking three of my books and three of the books my publisher, Constance Taylor at Fathom Publishing, has written.

All six books have passed the requirements for the program and Pakky’s Tale is written, just completed, and sent to print, having also met the requirements for the program. I’ll take hard covers and paperbacks of Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska.

Pakky’s Tale was put together by whirlwind to be the young version of the middle-grade Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska. As with the middle-grade book, the younger version contains a story and pages in the story to color plus activities to educate and entertain.

Growing up in Alaska, A Baby Arctic Tern tells the story of a fantastic athlete. Terns fly from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back annually.

Sik-Sik is the sound made by the Arctic ground squirrel. Natives call them that. It’s one of the few animals in the Arctic that hibernate as an adaptation to the cold. Constance is a great photographer and the photos of real animals are hers.

Midnight is a story of a cat’s adventure from California to Alaska.

I’m really excited to have weekly opportunities now to get out and meet my neighbors to sell some unique books to them for their children.

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