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Because I write prehistoric fiction or my works fall into the science writing genre, I get from time to time not just comments but sometimes direct attacks from people. These comments whether on posts or in person are from people who literally believe the earth is 6,000 years old. It’s not an issue I get into. Here’s my standard response:

Nowhere in the Bible is there a specific date provided for the creation of the earth. James Usher who was Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland in the 17th century said, based on his earth age calculations from comments in the Bible, the earth was created on Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC. Many other speculators have come up with other dates, such as, 3616 BC and 11,013 BC. Even Shakespeare wrote: “The poor world is almost 6,000 years old.” (As You Like It, Act 4, Scene 1). Then, we had a calendar change that occurred in Britain and in what would become the USA in 1752 when we went to the Gregorian calendar. It might be important to know which calendar the calculator used. Many speculate but nobody has the precise answer, even those who calculated the date using the Bible. I see this issue as a snare to pride, to fanaticism, to leading others off the main path. And if it ever were known in specifics whether Biblically or scientifically or some other -cally, does it pass the so-what test? I don’t think so. We Christians are told to believe that Jesus is Christ, not that the earth is whatever number of years old. If your comment is disparaging my Christianity, I’m sad you feel a need to do that. Do I own a Bible? I own more Bibles than I can count in my head. I see that as irrelevant. I have read it multiple times. That too is irrelevant. Anyone is free to see my work anyway they choose. Dinosaurs existed, like it or not. There is empirical evidence when you pick up a dinosaur fossil or see footprints in the once sand. But you will not strike a blow to me personally by attacking my knowledge or whatever wisdom God has granted me. When you attack another, you damage yourself, not the other. You only damage another when THEY permit it. I don’t. I would appreciate your not making attacking statements on my page or to me face-to-face. Think what you like but no attacks. If you cannot resist, then unfriend me on social media or in person.

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