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Listening to Library Websites: the Overall Design

In preparing my marketing library email list platform, I am seeing library website after website, and they are communicating to me. It makes me reflect on two lines in Robert Burns’ poem from 1786 “O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!” I’ll leave the title alone.

In any study I look first for the overall design. That way I know how to organize the data found there. Some library websites are a single page; others vary from a few to many pages. I found the Sublette County Libraries website organized well for patron and other use. You can find it at The initial home page is not remarkable but it launches you to a well-designed site. I suggest you go through the site using the pale yellow banner at the top. Click on the tabs and examine the pages. On the Location and Contact Us tab, there is a unique Little Library. Other tabs have well organized information and images of people using the library. It may be easier to do a photoshoot during off hours, but to invite people to look at your library in the absence of people can broadcast the wrong message. If you scroll to the bottom of the kids page, there are a couple of images that may linger with you for a while/

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