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Does anyone have as much fun as I do being an author?

The bags and tees arrived. Camels Can’t Carve? It’s all about the 250,000-year-old mammoth pelvis bone, where a green-carving of a gomphothere (4-tusked elephant) and large cat were found in Mexico. Camels and other animals were there, but they Can’t Carve! It must have been a human who carved the bone! People in the Americas 250,000 years ago? Why not? Bags are great for transport of things for book signings and other activities. I had them made at Kosmo Screen Printing in Colorado. My tees are my uniform for events. I also wear them when I go out, because people will ask what they mean. Kosmo Screen Printing does great work!

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  1. You’re sense of humor is so endearing!! I LOVE this photo ????…LOVED the story about the goats (goals)!! As I write, it is far beyond my bedtime, and my last place to rest my eyes before I retire to ye’ olde’ mattress.

    So happy to finally get to your site!!

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