Books By Bonnye

Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

There was once a time in the far north, as far north as land goes, when dinosaurs left footprints in the snow. What was life like for these dinosaurs living […]

The SealEaters, 20,000 BC

The SealEaters, 20,000 BC is the last of the planned books in the Winds of Change Series on the Peopling of the Americas.  The time period is the onset of […]

Tuksook’s Story, 35,000 BC

The land that has nurtured the People for so long has turned against them with an extraordinary drought. Clearly, to survive, they must move. Some of the People move from […]

Zamimolo’s Story, 50,000 BC

By the time the People reach 50,000 BC their numbers have increased sufficiently to divide up into one group leaving for a new land while the other part remains behind. […]

Manak-na’s Story: 75,000 BC

The Winds of Change novel series examines a few issues: * When people came to the Americas * Who came to the Americas, and * From where did they come? […]

Ki’ti’s Story, 75,000 BC

Neanderthals: had fair skin and some had red hair and blue eyes could speak as well as we can, were intellectually bright, catching dolphins (something that cannot be done from […]