Books By Bonnye

A Call Out of the Blue

A few months ago I had a call out of the blue. An over an hour’s delightful interview later, the article attached to this link began its long march […]

The launch for Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

The launch for Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska is getting closer, even if I have no date yet. Material from JoAnne Fabrics arrived, and soon I’ll construct my signing table skirt. […]

One Type of Marketing, Kickstarter

The one area that authors seem to freeze over is marketing. It’s not a natural behavior. If done well it involves putting self last, not first. Even before direct involvement […]

Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

There was once a time in the far north, as far north as land goes, when dinosaurs left footprints in the snow. What was life like for these dinosaurs living […]

Courage, 48,000 BC

It’s 48,000 BC. Hiding in a giant mimosa tree, Maru watches her father meet with the leader of a treacherous Andean tribe. Her father, furious that she’s followed him, tells her […]