Books By Bonnye

Science Writing, my Genre to this Point

Science writing? Shouldn’t that be scientific writing? No. There is a difference. Scientific writing has been around for eons. It’s how scientists communicate among themselves, usually in peer reviewed journals. […]


The pre-order time is a fascinating and informative period. An author can follow initial sales closely. One week before launch, Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska is in a feather-lengthening stage to […]

Meet My Illustrator

This is a chance to meet my illustrator and see the way illustrations are made in Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska.

Bonnye’s Writing Process

Talent? Process? Outplaying of Workaholic Addiction? I posted on Facebook after a friend sent me an article about the finding that some American natives came from China. That’s where my […]

Online pre-sale events at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Amazon now offers Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska for pre-sale and with Prime shipping. You can see the book on Amazon at It remains on pre-order at Barnes & Noble […]

You’re Invited

Saturday, July 16, I took my invitations (image attached) to Palmer and distributed them. They went on community bulletin boards at Vagabond Blues, Carrs Safeway, Fred Meyers, and the main […]

When preparing for book marketing

It’s helpful to have a list of community bulletin boards where you can post notice of book signings, talks about your books, and so on. Here is my list for […]