A few months ago I had a call out of the blue. An over an hour’s delightful interview later, the article attached to this link https://thenationaldigest.com/alaskan-author-of-multiple-genres-firmly-believes-superiority-is-an-undesirable-unattainable-human-construct-bonnye-matthews/ began its long march to creation. First, the interview had to be repeated for the author. Then, the writing-edit process for me upside down. Then, the illustration selection process was involved. Then, I wanted to be sure paragraph seven was included. And finally, the required approval process.

I have no idea how these people find me, but this process has been a fascinating one, one I wouldn’t trade, for it definitely has caused a lot of thinking on my part. I am not anyone special, yet here’s this article. It’s live as of today (June 15, 2022). Does it make me someone special? No. I remain who I am, unchanged, but with a different perspective perhaps on what news is. I have to admit the timing is amazing.

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