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A Call Out of the Blue

A few months ago I had a call out of the blue. An over an hour’s delightful interview later, the article attached to this link began its long march to creation. First, the interview had to be repeated for the author. Then, the writing-edit process for me upside down. Then, the illustration selection process was involved. Then, I wanted to be sure paragraph seven was included. And finally, the required approval process.

I have no idea how these people find me, but this process has been a fascinating one, one I wouldn’t trade, for it definitely has caused a lot of thinking on my part. I am not anyone special, yet here’s this article. It’s live as of today (June 15, 2022). Does it make me someone special? No. I remain who I am, unchanged, but with a different perspective perhaps on what news is. I have to admit the timing is amazing.

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